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Ketan Soni and Andrew Brendle joined forces to create Soni Brendle, PLLC, in 2020 with a focus on Family Law, Business Litigation, Estate Planning and Dispute Resolution services to serve clients’ needs.

Properly-Matched Attorneys

The firm achieves success by placing clients with the attorney most suited for their particular situation.   When you hire an attorney, it is important that you hire someone that you trust.  Typically, each of our clients works with one attorney primarily; however, there are situations where our attorneys jointly represent clients.

Industry Innovation

Our lawyers offer several different fee arrangements.  Some clients prefer to hire us using a traditional hourly fee arrangement, while others prefer contingency fees for Equitable Distribution, Business Litigation, and Personal Injury.  We also offer fixed fees and “minimum fees” for some cases.

Technology has advanced the practice of law.  We make it a priority to incorporate technology into serving our clients. Ketan Soni created a free, downloadable Child Support Calculator, Net Income Calculator, and Child Custody Calculator used by many other attorneys and the general public.  The firm utilizes secure communication methods with clients and allows access to files through online client portals.  We also conduct video conferences for client meetings, seminars and mediation.

Goal-Centered Approach

Your goals are at the forefront of any decision made in your case.  We work with our clients to define those goals based on our experiences in the courtroom. We educate our clients about the range of possibilities so they can make informed choices about their own lives.

Our Team

Ketan Soni

Ketan Soni

Andrew Brendle


Lillie S. Ashworth

Senior Attorney
Lillie Ashworth

Jessica A. Maybin


Yana Kodzai

Client Experience Manager
Yana Kodzai

Client Success Stories

“While divorces are never easy, I must say that Ketan is not only genuine but extremely compassionate. I for one consider myself fortunate enough to have found an attorney that has made this process a bit smoother.”

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