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When you need a sword and shield by your side, our attorneys are the perfect team to cover intense litigation and reasonable resolution.

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We work with our clients to develop a plan to create achievable goals.

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Charlotte Divorce Lawyers

About Us
  • Complex Equitable Distribution (Business, Retirement, Stock Options, etc.)
  • Child Custody, Child Support and Alimony
  • Separation Agreements and Premarital Agreements
  • Business Litigation and Disputes
  • Appeals of Trial Court Decisions

What we Do

Divorce & Family Law

Sometimes your family law situation requires a strategic negotiation to preserve a positive family dynamic or deftly maneuver around complex financial issues to your advantage. Or, your needs require a lawyer to zealously advocate for custody, support, and property rights against a contentious spouse and attorney. Our divorce attorneys cater to this entire spectrum based upon your needs.
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Business Litigation

Business disputes often escalate quickly when the other side stops the work or the payment promised. While we strive to resolve cases cost-effectively, our business litigation attorneys have litigated complex business disputes up through the North Carolina Supreme Court when the other side takes unreasonable positions detrimental to the operation of a company.
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Premarital Agreements

While the laws surrounding relationships continue to change in North Carolina, the ways you can protect yourself in advance have existed for decades. Our attorneys have experience protecting assets and support obligations prior to relationship disputes arising. This can be in the form of premarital, prenuptial, post nuptial agreements, and relationship agreements for couples who do not intend to marry.
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Estate Planning

Many spouses and individuals do not realize how North Carolina laws may negatively impact the distribution of their assets to heirs or manage health care concerns without proper documents in place. Our estate planning lawyers will help you navigate North Carolina law to properly take care of your heirs as well as effectively communicating health care desires to your loved ones in the event of tragedy.
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When you need a sword and a shield by your side, Ketan and Andrew are the perfect team to cover intense litigation and reasonable resolution. Soni Brendle will help you Move Forward.
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“While divorces are never easy, I must say that Ketan is not only genuine but extremely compassionate. I for one consider myself fortunate enough to have found an attorney that has made this process a bit smoother.”
“Andrew was wonderful. He listened when I explained the outcome I was looking to achieve, guided my case in that direction and garnered an extremely favorable outcome. I would recommend his services in a heartbeat.”
“I would highly recommend Ketan Soni to anyone seeking a divorce. I had little expectation that I would find an attorney who was both professional and yet compassionate during the most difficult time of my life. I was able to rest knowing that he was a fair attorney who had my best interest in mind. I appreciated his honesty and patience and came to think of him as a friend.”
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