The more informed you are about the issues in your divorce, the better prepared you will be to manage your own outcomes. Soni Brendle has been creating and providing free resources for years to our clients and the general public.

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2023 Child Support Calculator

Child Support in North Carolina has been simplified through the creation of the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines. Download the latest 2023 version of our free Excel file which simplifies the calculation process.

Custody Calculator

Custody can be one of the most contentious issues in the breakdown of a family. Use our calculator to explore many different options to see what schedules work best for you.

2019 Child Support Calculator

The North Carolina Child Support Guidelines are updated every four years. You can download the free 2019 calculator here.

Present Value Calculator

Cash flow when it comes to alimony, spousal support, and pensions are not all what they seem. You should hire a professional in valuing future payments. Use this calculator to generate ranges of possibilities in your particular case.

Alimony Calculator (Net Income)

There are no “formulas” in North Carolina when calculating alimony. Always get advice from a tax professional, since lawyers cannot give tax advice. This calculator helps you estimate a range of “net income” when considering alimony. Do not construe this as tax advice.

“Coming Soon” Calculator

Our lawyers are always thinking about how to demystify the process. Check back here to see the latest and greatest resources we created.

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