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Premarital Agreements

Divorce can be one of the most stressful events any couple has to endure. Let our trusted attorneys help you go through it all, the proper and efficient way.

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Divorce can be one of the most stressful events any couple has to endure. At least 60% of the issues surrounding any divorce have to do with money. Depending on the complexity and personalities of the spouses involved, division of assets and alimony can take months or years to resolve inside or outside the court system.

North Carolina and many other states offer a different way to approach these issues: Premarital and/or Prenuptial Agreements.

These agreements are designed to address many property division (Equitable Distribution), and alimony issues prior to the marriage. While this may cause uncomfortable conversations, this allows both future spouses to protect themselves against the rising cost of divorce by agreeing to these issues beforehand.

You need a desire to reduce the burdens of uncertainty or the law in what happens with your personal items, your funds, your health, and your life.

What Should I Know?

Improperly completed premarital agreements have led to thousands of dollars of additional litigation for other spouses. Avoid taking a “less expensive” online route or side-stepping the issue altogether, especially in the case of a family business, a large inheritance, substantial property acquired prior to the marriage, or a large disparity in income earning capacity.

Why Trust Soni Brendle?

A properly executed premarital agreement will contact as many (or as few) protections as the spouses desire to put into place. Soni Brendle’s attorneys have handled countless agreements from start to finish, and sometimes stepping into the middle of a negotiation to ensure a client’s rights are protected.

Soni Brendle’s attorneys can walk hand-in-hand as you move forward in your life plans.

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