The Access & Visitation Program 

January 30th, 2024

Just because you are not the custodial parent does not mean that you lose all rights to visitation with your kids. In North Carolina there is a program known as The Access & Visitation (AV) Program. Within the AV Program it is a big goal to figure out resources that are not readily available for the community, and seeking to implement them. So far, the program provides coordinators who work with non-custodial parents to provide them with counseling, parenting education, information involving court processes, etc. Coordinators at this program will help you to understand what barriers or issues are keeping you away from visitation with your child. 

  Not just anyone is eligible for this program; The AV Program heavily emphasizes that both parents should be active in their child’s life. If you are in a situation where there is an existing custody court order or child support order from DSS, then the circumstances will be different. In North Carolina there are 5 access & visitation coordinators located in the family court offices of the following counties:  

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