Soni Brendle Moves!

November 3rd, 2022

Soni Brendle started their office one month before COVID hit, in February 2020. After finally seeing through the pandemic, the office expanded in August 2022 to a bigger, brighter, and more welcoming space.

The third floor of 301 Midtown worked fine for a few years, but with Ketan’s growing mediation and arbitration practice, Andrew’s expanding litigation clients, and the addition of other killer team members, the old space just didn’t cut it.

As the team has settled in, it’s hard to believe this has only been “home” for 3 months. The space is dedicated to privacy, comfort, and using modern technology to provide Next Level Legal services.

Take a tour of our new space with the pictures below, and we hope you can stop by soon!


Arbitration Room

Conference Rooms