Self-Care with Sole Custody

December 20th, 2022

Sole custody can be incredibly draining on parents, especially if you have young children. Finding the time for self-care with sole custody can feel impossible at times, but it’s very important. You need some time for yourself to take care of your mental health. Otherwise, you won’t be able to be the parent that you want to be to your children. You can’t fill from an empty cup. If you find time in your schedule, write it down and hold that time sacred for yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your support network. Remember that you can turn some invitations down to make your life easier. And finally, make the most of the time that you do have. Hopefully, you can use these tips to carve out a little “me time” in your schedule so that you can take care of yourself mentally and spiritually.

Write It Down

One thing that studies show time and time again is that if you write down something in your calendar you are more likely to follow through with doing it. This goes for finding time for self-care with sole custody. If you have a spot in your day that is free, write down “me time.” And don’t give that spot up if something else comes up. Hold it sacred and give yourself that time for your wellness.

Ask for Help

If you’re struggling with finding time for self-care with sole custody, ask for help. It’s okay to lean on your support network from time to time. Ask a friend or family member to watch the kids for you for an afternoon or evening so that you can get away. Or ask a friend with similar aged kids if they’d like to swap some childcare. Offer to have their children over for an afternoon and then have them return the favor so you can get some time to yourself.

Say No to Things

It’s also important to remember that it’s okay to say no to some things. Your children don’t have to do every single activity or sport that is offered. And you don’t have to participate in every activity you’re asked to. Help make time for self-care with sole custody by saying no when something is too much of a time-commitment. You don’t have to do every bake sale or fill up every evening of your week with sports or other extracurriculars.

Take the Moments You Have

Finally, when making time for self-care with sole custody, if you don’t have other options, try to make the most of the time you do have. For some people, hiring childcare or finding big slots in their day for “me time” is just not feasible. Even if you only have five minutes between meetings, or a few minutes after the children go to bed, make the most of it. Try journaling, deep breathing, meditation, or other exercises that can help calm your body and mind and focus on your mental wellness.

Finding time for self-care with sole custody can be difficult, especially as a working parent or if you don’t have a support network. Childcare is not affordable in our country and there is not enough support for parents. So finding time to take care of yourself can feel impossible. Try to find little snippets of time in your schedule, and hold that time sacred by writing it down on your calendar. Ask your friends or family to help out, or hire a nanny if you are able to to give yourself a break. Say no to things if they are too big of a time-commitment. And try to make the most of the small amounts of time you can carve out for yourself during your day. Hopefully, you can find a little room for “me time” so that you can take care of your mental health and be the happiest and healthiest parent you can be.