New Zoom Features to Improve Communication: Clients, Mediation, Arbitration (and more!)

December 16th, 2020

Ketan Soni has been using Zoom and other remote technology to deliver divorce and estate planning legal representation, arbitration and mediation services since before the start of COVID. Click here to read about Ketan’s latest post on the North Carolina Bar Association’s website about some of the latest Zoom features and how they positively impact your experience. This information applies whether you are a lawyer, mediator, arbitrator, or any person who uses Zoom in their business and personal activities!

There is a relation between how Zoom is used and how effective lawyers can be in communicating with their clients or parties in a lawsuit.  What may seem like minor adjustments, like moving a video screen, can actually create better rapport and understanding between everyone involved. Think about a phone conversation versus an in-person meeting. You can obtain more visual cues that help you understand what the other person is really trying to say. That same concept is true when having conversations with family law and estate planning clients, litigants in the court system, and parties to an arbitration.