David Strickland of Soni Brendle announces Candidacy for Superior Court in Mecklenburg County

October 18th, 2021

Soni Brendle is excited to support David Strickland‘s run for Superior Court Judge in Mecklenburg County. See the message below from David.

I am proud and excited to announce my candidacy for the Democratic nomination to Superior Court Judicial District 26D. This is the seat currently held by Judge Lisa Bell. I humbly ask for your support.

I have served for eight years as a District Court Judge from 2013-2020, and I want to continue to serve the community as a Superior Court Judge.

I have a wealth of experience as a District Court Judge presiding in every courtroom within District Court. I have been the lead Juvenile Judge and the lead Involuntary Commitment Judge for Mecklenburg County. I have presided over numerous civil jury trials, and I have handled serious felony charges as a Juvenile Judge. I have the unique experience necessary to be an effective Superior Court Judge.

Experience is important when addressing matters that will come before me in Superior Court. I believe my professional and personal experience has prepared me for this opportunity. I have a long record of serving in the community and will continue to volunteer my time as opportunities arise.

I am known as a Judge who works hard and has a good temperament. I will work to make sure citizens are heard, treated with respect and have a fair hearing. These characteristics are my strengths, and I pledge to continue this when elected as a Superior Court Judge.

I appreciate your support as the campaign season begins.

David Strickland